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Summer Jobs

Summer jobs can help people purposefully fill a short period of time. Whether theyre students, adults or retirees, a summer job can offer a wide variety of benefits, both monetary and non-monetary.

The Financial Benefits of Summer Jobs

Summer jobs represent a short-term commitment to work that occupies time and yields money and skills. A high school student who works can look forward to extra spending money over the school break. Summer jobs for college students may help them to buy books or pay for tuition, while summer jobs for teachers give them the opportunity to earn extra income and learn new skills.

Summer Jobs Help Build Responsibility

The benefits of summer jobs reach beyond financial compensation. Young people can learn essential skills from a summer job. A job requires workers to show up on time and follow certain rules. This teaches young people responsibility, discipline and time management. An early start gives young people time to practice these skills, and, as a result, they have the opportunity to develop confidence and gain experience. Plus, they can also expand their social network. A summer job helps young people build five skills:

  • Time management
  • Confidence
  • Experience
  • Getting ahead
  • Networking

The Benefits of Jobs for Adults

A summer job can also benefit adults. A parent may work while the children are at camp, a person who is between housing arrangements may want to take a summer job with room and board while looking for a place to lease or a home to buy, and a retiree may want to work to remain active and social. These are examples of non-monetary benefits that make a summer job desirable.

Summer jobs are commonly associated with young people. However, these jobs can benefit retirees, single parents, teachers or anyone looking for specific short-term work. Summer jobs have the ability to provide all these benefits. They teach young people responsibility, help adults occupy time purposefully and provide social benefits to all.

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